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Note to Researchers

Please see the University of Alberta Library Statement on Harmful Language in Catalogue Records and Resource Descriptions. Do not hesitate to contact your Drama Librarian, Lucinda Johnston, or if you have concerns or questions. 

Searching the Library

To find resources pertinent to Indigenous theatre, search the Library with any combination and/or variation of the following (non-comprehensive) terms

  • Keyword (all fields): indian, native, aborigin*, "first nations", indigenous
    • Adding the asterisk to the end of your search term, e.g. aborigin* evokes a search function called truncation:
      • The results of this search will be items with words starting with the characters "aborigin" PLUS any other characters; e.g. "aboriginal" or "aborigine"
    • Using quotation marks, e.g. "first nations", tells the search engine to find these two words as a phrase
      • The results of this search will NOT include items where the two words show up individually, e.g. "The first bilingual meeting of the two nations..."


  • Subject: drama OR theatre OR theater

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