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Citation Management

It is a good idea to use a citation manager (AKA reference manager) to help you manage your citations and format them for your assignments.

See our Reference Management Subject Guide for guidance.

Writing about Drama

The Research and Writing Subject Guide provides a lot of information on writing for an academic audience.

You may also find the following Campus supports helpful:

Key Resources

Evaluating Sources

For each source you are planning to use, consider...

  • Who wrote it?  Creator: affiliations, credentials/ qualifications, previous publications, cited?
  • Where did it come from? Who approved it for publication? How is it formatted?  Publisher, publication, format, review process
  • What is the intended purpose of this information resource? Who is the intended audience?  Why and for whom was this resource created and disseminated?
  • Is the information reliable and accurate, timely or appropriate for your purposes?  Fact/opinion vs biased/”balanced”; citations/references/evidence; working links/no typos?

For more information, watch the tutorial Synthesizing and Evaluating Information.