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HIST 339: Modern British Empire

Peer Review

Many scholarly journal articles are subject to peer review

Before they are published, articles that are peer reviewed or refereed are read and critiqued by other historians.

Search in Ulrich's to find out whether a journal is peer reviewed.

Databases and Indexes

Search the library pulls results from the library catalogue and 250+ article databases. 
To focus your search and make use of advanced search features, use a subject database. Ask for help to identify one for your topic.
Suggested databases:

Citation Databases

Use a Citation Database to find out where an article or a book has been cited.

  • Web of Science - includes citation information for articles in the Humanities back to 1898, and books in the Humanties back to 2005.

Why to use a Citation Database:

  • You have one useful pubication on your topic, but cannot find others. Expand your search by finding out who has cited the publication since it has been written.
  • You want to find out how many times and article or book has been cited