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HIST 339: Modern British Empire

Finding Primary Sources in the Library Catalogue

Search the library, including keywords such as sources, letters, correspondence, diaries, documents, etc. 
Focus on the Books & More results.

Search directly in the Library Catalogue and include subject keywords that describe the type of document, such as: 

  • diaries, letters, 
  • correspondence, personal narratives
  • speeches, addresses 
  • documents, sources

Subject: South Africa and sources and (19th century or 20th century)
Subject: slave$ and (letters or correpondence or personal narratives or sources) and 19th century

Search in the Library Catalogue for a historical figure or organization as an author, ie:
Author: Johnson-Sirleaf, Ellen
Author: Rhodes, Cecil

Advanced search:
  Author: Church of England
  Subject: Oceania or "Islands of the Pacific" or "New Zealand" or Australia or Papua

Primary Sources: Selected Collections in Books

Search tips: To find books that are collections of primary sources, search in the Library Catalogue for keywords that describe your topic, combined with subject keywords such as sources,documentsdiaries, etc.

Example Searches:

Subject: sources or correspondence or diaries or letters
history and Australia

Keyword: Van Diemen's Land
: sources or correspondence or diaries or letters

Archival Collections