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HIST 339: Modern British Empire

Government Information

Ask for help to find government records on your topic.

Finding Primary Sources in the Library Catalogue

Search the library, including keywords such as sources, letters, correspondence, diaries, documents, etc. 
Focus on the Books & More results.

Search directly in the Library Catalogue and include subject keywords that describe the type of document, such as: 

  • diaries, letters, 
  • correspondence, personal narratives
  • speeches, addresses 
  • documents, sources

Subject: South Africa and sources and (19th century or 20th century)
Subject: slave$ and (letters or correpondence or personal narratives or sources) and 19th century

Search in the Library Catalogue for a historical figure or organization as an author, ie:
Author: Johnson-Sirleaf, Ellen
Author: Rhodes, Cecil

Advanced search:
  Author: Church of England
  Subject: Oceania or "Islands of the Pacific" or "New Zealand" or Australia or Papua

Primary Sources: Selected Collections in Books

Search tips: To find books that are collections of primary sources, search in the Library Catalogue for keywords that describe your topic, combined with subject keywords such as sources,documentsdiaries, etc.

Example Searches:

Subject: sources or correspondence or diaries or letters
history and Australia

Keyword: Van Diemen's Land
: sources or correspondence or diaries or letters

Archival Collections