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Citation and Reference Management


Mendeley has two reference manager products: Mendeley Reference Manager (newer) and Mendeley Desktop (older). Mendeley is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux. 

*Please note that as of September 1, 2022, Mendeley Desktop is no longer available for download. For more details see the "Introducing Mendeley Reference Manager" blog post.*

PROS: Free (up to 2GB of online storage); user-friendly interface; easy to add references; pdf annotation within the program; ability to work offline; connects with MS Word.

CONS: Does not connect with Google Docs; limited storage space when sharing with groups; difficulty importing accurate metadata for some source types.

Using Mendeley Reference Manager (Online and Desktop Version)

Mendeley Reference Manager offers near-identical functionality and automatic syncing between online and desktop versions.

Step 1: Create a Mendeley account at

Step 2: (Optional) Download Mendeley Reference Manager: Windows | Mac | Linux  

Step 3: Get Mendeley Cite from Microsoft AppSource.

Step 4: Add the Web importer to your browser for quickly adding articles or webpages to Mendeley.

Mendeley Guides

Using Mendeley Desktop

*Not available for download as of September 1, 2022*

Mendeley Desktop, while an older program, offers deduplication of folders, searching across all included pdfs, and offline storage of articles, making it still a relevant choice for many. If you choose, you can sync with Mendeley Reference Manager (online version). 

There are two different ways to connect your account to Word. Choose one; do not use both at same time. In Mendeley Desktop go to the Tools menu and select either "Get Mendeley Cite" OR "Install MS Word Plug in" (this option is recommended if you want to work offline).

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