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This Libguide is maintained by the Collection Strategies Unit team. Please direct questions to csu@ualberta.ca.

e-book Basics

The University of Alberta Library adds some ebooks to the collection via publishers' platforms, and some via 3rd-party platform providers known as aggregators. Examples of publisher platforms would be Cambridge or Wiley. The best-known aggregators are probably ProQuest and EBSCOPlatforms, particularly aggregators, can include e-books by multiple publishers.

Today, most (though not all!) ebooks in our collection have unlimited simultaneous use, and are downloadable, sometimes including the whole book, but least at the chapter level.

With questions about ebooks, especially if you are considering assigning one for a course and wish to ensure suitable access, please contact us using the ASK US options above. Thanks!

e-book Downloading, Printing and Troubleshooting

This table includes some (but far from all!) of the e-book platforms in the U of A Libraries collection. To see a comprehensive list of all eBooks collections, click here. This list contains only platforms for which there are limits or special technical considerations.

For further assistance with accessing e-books, please do not hesitate to ask us

 eBook platform

 Can I download these e-books to mobile devices or for viewing offline?


Can I print/save pages?


 Technical help documentation & notes

  Ebook Central (ProQuest)

 Yes. Print / Download available for desktop and on mobile devices. Details here.

Download and print chapter/page limits vary by e-book. 

 Frequently Asked Questions

GUEST USERS: Please note that in order to access this content from a UofA Libraries Workstation with a Library Network Access ID, you will need to follow this direct link: https://ebookcentral.proquest.com/lib/ualberta/

 EBSCO eBooks

 Yes, for unlimited and 3-user limits e-books.

No, for 1-user limit e-books.

To download for offline viewing, you need:

1. An EBSCOhost account

2. For reading on your desktop: download and install Adobe Digital Editions

3. For reading on your device: Bluefire Reader app [iPad/iPhone OR for Android tablet/phone] & Adobe Digital Editions ID

Unlimited and 3-user: Loan up to 14 days

Checkout limit: 50 items

Placing holds: items are held for 1 day for next person in line to download.

For more information see here.

 Limited print / download options

 EBSCO e-books Support Center;

unlimited, 1- or 3-user limits

Privacy Concerns re. Adobe Digital Editions v.4

· For users wishing to download and then transfer to a dedicated e-book reader (e.g. Nook Touch), EBSCO recommends using an earlier version of Adobe Digital Editions. (ie Adobe 3 Reader)

· For users wishing to download and read on a desktop, EBSCO recommends using Datalogics’ DL Reader or an earlier version of Adobe Digital Editions.

· Users wishing to download  to a mobile device are unaffected and can continue using Bluefire Reader.

 ACLS Humanities E-Book Project


 Limited pages in PDF view

 Search help / FAQ

 ACM Digital Library

 The ACM DL app for Android, iOS and Windows is now available (and free)


 Search Help / FAQ


Yes, PDF, by chapter


  Help / FAQ

 Books @ Ovid


 Yes, only a single chapter  but not entire book.


 Book chapters and sections  within a chapter permitted.

 Check Browsing Books section. Unlimited for most, some older books are 1-user limit (for UofA) or 2-3-user limit (shared with HKN) per title

 Brill Online

 Yes, PDF, by chapter


  Help / FAQ

 Cambridge Core

 Yes, PDF, by chapter.


 Help / FAQ


 Open access public documents (PDF) may be downloaded; e-books are available for online access only.

 Yes, limit unknown.

 Create account to add to bookshelf

 Safari O'Reilly Books

 Yes to print but no download

  Limited print option

 Frequently Asked Questions