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Government Information

Major Resources

Important Historical Sets

The following collections can be found at the University of Alberta Library:

  • Foreign & Commonwealth Office Official Documents (1997-    ), GOV DOC UK1 FO..., RCRF
  • Earlier documents from the Foreign & Commonwealth Office, the Foreign Office, and the Colonial Office, GOV DOC UK1 CO..., RCRF
  • Index of British Treaties 1101-1968 
  • Treaty series 


The following microformat collections can be found at the RCRF (follow the title links for more information):

The following digitized collections include government documents (follow the title link for more information and access):

UK Government Resources

Parliamentary Papers

Parliamentary papers record the deliberations of Parliament. Note that "parliamentary papers" and "sessional papers" are occasionally used interchangeably. In fact, the latter refers to the working papers of parliament.


In Print:

  • Parliamentary Debates - Commons and Lords 1803-1908
    • Selected years, GOV DOC UK1 X1 D21
    • Microcard (1803-1908) and microfilm (1830-1902) 
  • Debates of the House of Commons 1909-
    • 1909-1998: Selected years available in print, GOV DOC UK1 X1 D25
    • Nov. 1984-current: microfiche     
  • Debates of the House of Lords 1909-
    • 1909-1998: Selected years available in print, GOV DOC UK1 X1 D25
    • Nov. 1984-current: microfiche

Journals: House of Commons

Journals: House of Lords

See Also:

Sessional Papers

Sessional Papers are the working papers of Parliament and include bills (drafts of legislation), reports (from committees, commissioners, etc.), accounts (including statistical information) and papers (documents conveying information or decisions to the members of Parliament).

Select parliamentary papers published between 1801-1899 are also available in the Irish University Press Series at GOV DOC UK1 X8, RCRF. This 1000 volume set of selected 19th century parliamentary papers is organized by subject volumes. They can be found in the Library's Catalogue by including the phrase “Irish University Press Series” in the title field. Or, use the print index: Checklist of British parliamentary papers in the Irish University Press 1000-volume series, 1801-1899, GOV DOC UK1 X8 72C31 - RCRF.

Select command papers can also be requested from the Research and Collections Resource Facility (RCRF):