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Open Science

Open Science is an important scientific movement that is making scientific research transparent and accessible to many groups through collaborative networks.

What is Open Science?

Open Science is the movement to make all aspects scientific research openly accessible to everyone, making the scientific process more transparent and inclusive. 

In early 2020 The Government of Canada created the Road Map for Open Science, highlighting the next steps the federal government will be taking to make federal science open to all. 

From UNESCO, Open Science includes:

  • Open scientific knowledge -  open access to scientific publications,  research  data,  metadata,  open  educational  resources,  software  and  source  code

  • Open science infrastructures - access to physical and digital research infrastructures including scientific equipment and academic literature

  • Open engagement of societal actors -  extended collaboration between scientists and members of the public to make the scientific process more accessible to the broader public 

  • Open dialogue with other knowledge systems - recognizing and including the knowledge a diversity of knowledge producers, specifically traditionally marginalized scholars

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