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Teaching Music

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To search the Library Catalogue, click the link below:

Subject Searches

Try searching the library catalogue using some of the following subject terms:

  • Music appreciation
  • Instrumental music
  • Guitar methods
  • School music
  • Singing
  • Singing games
  • Folk music

Hint: Adding subheadings can focus your search!

Looking for songbooks or song-based picture books? Try subject searches for

then click on the "Limit Search" tab and select University of Alberta HT Coutts Education from the Library pull-down list

"Sound" Advice

Looking for recorded music?

Choose "Other Search Options" (located just below the search box) and select "Format: Music/Sound" before you submit your search.

Sheet Music

When looking for children's sheet music, try starting with an advanced search. Place the search "songs AND children" in the All Fields category. Limit the search by location to "University of Alberta HT Coutts Education" from the Location pull-down list. Limit the format to "Musical Score" from the Format pull-down list.

Online Reference Resources


Search these databases to find articles on music and music education.