Audio, Video & Gaming Resources

A guide to finding audio and video resources for all subjects.

Finding Audio and Video Materials in Physical Format

Music Media

  • Search for music media in our Library Catalogue
  • Search for title and/or author, (i.e. creator, e.g. composer, performer, director...)
  • To retrieve audio or video recordings (physical and streaming), add one of the following phrases (NB: PT means Publication Type):
    • PT audio
    • PT video
    • PT (audio OR video) 
  • Some example searches: 
  • Once you have a list of results, click on the record for the item you are interested in, and choose PLACE HOLD. These types of hold requests are usually filled within 24-48 hours.
  • Note that the ability to browse physical media (CD, DVD, LP, VHS, cassette) depends on the library/campus:
    • At Rutherford: all physical music media are stored off-site. You must place a hold on this material.
    • At Augustana Campus: all physical music media are located in the lower level and available for browsing.
    • At BSJ: all physical music media are located on the main level and available for browsing.

Other Subject-based Media

  • Non-music media (DVD, VHS) are stored on the regular shelves with books and journals.
  • Search for physical non-music media in our Library Catalogue by entering information about an item you are searching for.
  • Example Search for Physical Non-music Media
  • Or, you can just head up to shelves and browse (you will need to know at least the beginning part of the call number to do so.)

Of particular note: