Audio & Video Resources

A guide to finding audio and video resources for all subjects.


Welcome to the Audio & Video Resources subject guide!

This guide is intended to help you find audio and video content that will support your academic needs, such as finding curricular content, professional training or access to performative arts events. We also have lots of great stuff for pure leisure moments!

Our information landscape is always changing, so this guide will never be definitive or comprehensive. It is best considered as the starting point for finding information resources, rather than a "one stop shop".

If you need immediate help, please Ask Us!


Audio and Video Materials

The U of A has thousands of audio and video materials:

  • Physical formats (e.g. CDs, DVDs, vinyl records) are available from our shelves on site, and from our RCRF storage facility.
  • Digital formats are available through a number of streaming platforms accessible via CCID authentication.

It is important to know that the terms "audio" or "video" reference not only music and movies in a general, popular sense. We have "A/V" content for many subject areas, including professional training and curriculum development, primary sources, and many resources that highlight Indigenous cultures and can support a process of reconciliation.