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First Nations, Métis and Inuit

Find Articles

Where to search:

  • Search for Articles on the library homepage (under the main search bar) takes you to EBSCO Discovery Service, which will search through multiple databases in the U of A's collection. However, it will not search all of the databases in the U of A's collection.
  • Search for Databases on the library homepage (under the main search bar) will allow you to search for databases by title or subject area.
  • Google Scholar will search library and open access collections worldwide. Access it through the library homepage to view full text articles.
  • Indigenous Academic Journals: A list of Indigenous academic journals is included on this page. Browsing journals is a great way to get a sense of current trends and issues. If you are searching for articles on a specific topic it is probably more efficient to search in a database.
  • Databases & Portals: See below for a list of databases and research portals with Indigenous content.

How to search:

Think of your search terms!

  • If you want just a few good results, use one or two terms
  • If you want to make your search wider, use more related terms.

Try, for example: "first nation*'" or aboriginal* or native* or Indigenous

In many databases: 

  • "quotation marks" keep your search terms together (e.g. "first nations" will search for instances where those two words appear next to each other). 
  • *asterisks can help you search for words that have the same root (e.g. indigen* searches indigenous, indigenize, indigeneity etc. BUT will also search indigent).

Databases & Portals

Dissertations & Theses