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Importing References to EndNote

Before proceeding, make sure that EndNote is installed on your workstation (EndNote X9 is available through OnTheHub).

  1. Open EndNote. Select File → New and create a name for your new library. Select location and save.

    • We recommend that you only create/maintain one library, as EndNote Online can only sync one library. A library can contain unlimited references and 5000 groups. 

    • The vendor does NOT recommend saving this library to a shared network drive (with read-write access) as it may become corrupted. Sharing libraries should be done with the EndNote Online feature.

  2. ​​If you want to keep your folder structure and have exported individual RefWorks folders to RIS files, you'll want to recreate these folders in EndNote first. On the EndNote toolbar, select Groups Create Group. Enter a name for the group(s).
  3. Click the Import icon in the top toolbar. Click Choose to open a file browser window. Select the file you exported from RefWorks and click Open.undefined

  4. From the Import Option dropdown menu, select Reference Manager (RIS). Click Import.

  5. Your citations are now imported into EndNote. If you would like to place these citations into a group, proceed to step 6.

  6. Select all of the imported references by left-clicking on any reference in the Imported References group and then pressing CTRL+A on your keyboard. Right-click on the selected references and choose Add References To → 'Group Name'. Your references should now be in the group you selected.

Adapted from: Knowledge Resource Service. (2020, July 27). Migrating to Other Programs.