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Research Impact

Research Impact Services

Our mission is to help you communicate the impact of your work in a variety of ways to tell your research story to peers, funders, policy makers, and the public. 

The University of Alberta Library, Research Impact Team, has expertise in bibliometrics, data visualization, and alternative metrics. We provide extensive advisory services for researchers, groups, and departments on topics such as: 

  • managing and tracking publications
  • maintaining an impactful online identity
  • measuring and assessing research impact by discipline
  • communicating research impact to audiences 
  • and more...

Areas of Impact Measurement

Research Impact Tools

There are a number of metrics and tools available to help you analyze and share your research impact. 


Visualization Tools

Datawrapper Create interactive & responsive charts, maps, and graphs through this free web-based tool.
Gephi Visualization and exploration software for all kind of graphs and networks.
Tableau Public Interactive visualizations for developing your data story through graphs, charts, and maps.
VOSviewer Ideal for analyzing bibliometric networks such as creating maps of publications, authors, or journals based on co-citation networks or keyword co-occurrence networks.