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Teaching Art

Children's Literature and the Curriculum

Why use children's literature in the art classroom?

"Every school and public library is a treasure house of small works of art-- picture books. The texts of some of these books are brief gems of polished prose worthy of study as a form of literature in their own right. But more important... each good picture book displays a set of well-produced works of art, carefully designed for the space provided.  ...Combining the wealth of art available in picture books with references to both art "masterpieces" and the folk and popular art of the world around them, students can begin to learn the language of art." (Picture Books for Looking and Learning: Awakening visual perceptions through the art of children's books by Sylvia S. Marantz)

Alberta Education Teachers Resource Manual: Appreciating Art (Reflection) "Have students search for illustrations in children’s literature that provoke strong feelings for them personally.”

Children relate easily to the illustrations /artwork in books meant for their level.

Elementary Curriculum and Artworks