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Teaching Art

Cross curricular connections: Digital Art & Music

Harry Chaskin created this stop-motion interpretation of a Tom Waits’ song, titled Lullaby, in his high school senior year. It presents a post-apocalyptic world in which childcare has become hopelessly automated. The Art curriculum allows for the integration of technology and other curricular areas (music is the example here).

Access the video on Vimeo via the Claymation Admiration channel.

Infusing Art classes with Technology

Art Education; Nov2008, Vol. 61 Issue 6, p48-53
Database: Education Research Complete

The article discusses the effect of digital technology on arts education in the 21st century. The article mentions virtual communities in which students share digital creations and productions with peers. The article also mentions that art educators can harness the popularity of technology among their students and use it as effective learning technology. The article mentions 3D virtual learning environments (3D VLE), desktop virtual reality, partial-immersive virtual reality, and student motivation.