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Teaching Art

Canadian Artists

Yerxa "celebrates the relationship between horses and the native people of the Great Plains in a series of three-mystically themed montages. At the center of each picture is a paper fringed shirt, crafted from handmade paper and modeled on those worn by the First Peoples; the shirt serves as both backdrop and landscape for Yerxa's lean, schematic portraits of horses. The book begins "at the rise of the Strawberry Moon" and ends at daybreak). The compositions feel akin to cave paintings (the horses especially so), and evoke a sense of wonder. ...aspiring artists and those interested in native cultures may well find much to linger over." (Publishers Weekly)

Stencil Art


Canadian author Margriet Ruurs is an awesome writter - check out her other books.

The Art of Ed Young

Torn and Cut Paper Art

"Colorful fabric, cut-paper, and even computer-chip collages portray the dramatic landscape. Children will also enjoy an appended scrapbook of photographs, maps, and additional information."

The images are so good in this book it seems like you could actually feel the different paper and cloth textures. The colours are stunning.

A story is retold through the eyes of Pakistani children. "The picture-book narrative successfully compresses Mortenson’s story by focusing on the elements most important to children: the stranger’s appearance, the drama of the construction, the happy conclusion." (Booklist)