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Science 10

What happened to that energy?

Science 10 students are introduced to the biological, chemical, physical and Earth sciences. By studying chemical reactions, cellular and multicellular processes that occur in plants, the conservation and conversion of energy, and Earth's climate, the discover how energy is transformed.

Science 20

What changes do we see on Earth?

Students in Science 20 extend their study of the biological, chemical, physical and Earth sciences and apply their knowledge to real-life problems. They investigate Newton's laws of motion, the properties of hydrocarbons and the chemistry of solutions. They examine evidence of how Earth's surface, climate and life forms have changed and continue to change and cycle in response to natural and human actions.

Science 30

How do we sustain our energy resources?

Students sharpen their scientific skills and explore a wide range of scientific concepts to strengthen their foundations in science. They investigate human systems and health, and environmentally sustainable solutions for meeting global energy needs. They also examine the impacts of chemicals in society and the environment and examine the properties and applications of electromagnetic energy.

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