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Teaching Science

Grade 7 Unit A: Interactions and Ecosystems

To foster an understanding of ecosystems, this unit develops student awareness of ecosystem components and interactions, as well as natural cycles and processes of change.

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Grade 7 Unit B: Plants for Food and Fibre

Students develop an awareness of long-term sustainability needs and the practices and technologies developed to breed and maximize plant growth.

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Grade 7 Unit C: Heat and Temperature

In learning about heat, students investigate sources and uses of heat energy and consider the impact of resource usage on our long-term ability to meet energy needs.

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Note:The terms heat energy and thermal energy may both be used in this unit.Heat energy is the more familiar term for younger students and is useful in introducing the topic.Thermal energy is the preferred scientific term and should be introduced during the unit to help prepare students for later grades.

Grade 7 Unit D: Structures and Forces

Students examine different ways that structural components are configured, analyze forces involved, investigate resulting effects on structural strength and stability, examine past and present construction methods, and how science and technology link together in developing safe and efficient designs.

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Grade 7 Unit E: Planet Earth

Observation of landforms and materials that make up Earth's surface and study of the sample evidence known about Earth's interior to discover patterns in the nature and distribution of Earth's materials, and the kinds of changes that take place.

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