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Teaching Science

Grade 8 Unit A: Mix and Flow of Matter

Students learn that such diverse substances as air, natural gas, water and oil are fluids. In further investigations, they discover that the properties of individual fluids are important to their use, including such properties as density, buoyancy, viscosity and the fluid’s response to changes in temperature and pressure.

Grade 8 Unit B: Cells and Systems

Students learn to interpret life at a variety of levels, from individual cells to complex organisms. To develop their understanding, students investigate ways that components of a living system work together and, through these studies, learn that healthy organisms function as balanced systems within a life-supporting environment.

Grade 8 Unit C: Light and Optical Systems

In learning about light, students investigate its interactions with different materials and interpret its behaviour using a geometric ray model. Students then use their understanding of light to interpret a variety of light-based technologies and envisage new technologies we may use in the future.

Grade 8 Unit D: Mechanical Systems

Machines are used for many purposes in our daily lives when we need to transfer energy into motion or move materials in a controlled way. In learning about mechanical devices, students investigate how components are linked so that energy is transferred efficiently and desired functions are performed.

Grade 8 Unit E: Fresh and Saltwater Systems

By exploring examples of aquatic systems, students come to appreciate the dynamic nature of these systems and learn about the interaction of landforms, sediments, water and climate.

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