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Teaching Science

Grade 9 Unit A: Biological Diversity

In this unit, students learn that diversity is maintained through natural processes of sexual and asexual reproduction, though the survival of individual species—and variations within those species—may be influenced by ecological and human-caused factors.

Grade 9 Unit B: Matter and Chemical Change

In this unit, students are introduced to the formal study of chemical substance through laboratory investigations and introductory studies of chemical theory. In the laboratory, students observe and compare chemical substances and, with guidance on safety, investigate the properties of materials and the ways they interact.

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Grade 9 Unit C: Environmental Chemistry

Through this unit, students become aware of human-produced chemical substances that enter and interact with environments, and they investigate potential impacts of different substances on the distribution andabundance of living things.

Grade 9 Unit D: Electrical Principles and Technologies

Using a problem-solving approach, students create and modify circuits to meet a variety of needs. Students also develop skills for  evaluating technologies, by comparing alternative designs and by considering their efficiency, effectiveness and environmental impact.

Grade 9 Unit E: Space Exploration

A study of space exploration provides an opportunity for students to examine how science and technology interact and to learn how one process augments the other.

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