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Information Literacy


The video It Changed the Way I Do Research - Period: Augustana Talks Information Literacy was developed by the Augustana Faculty Library in 2006 to examine the effects of their Information Literacy initiatives on academic life at Augustana.  Over 75 people participated in the project, which examines Information Literacy from a variety of perspectives.

In It Changed the Way I Do Research - Period: Augustana Talks Information Literacy, students, librarians, administrators, and teaching faculty speak about the influence of Information Literacy at Augustana.


CTCL Innovation Achievement Award acceptance speech

The Augustana Library of the University  of Alberta has been honoured as the recipient of the 2007 CTCL Innovation Achievement Award (an award of the Canadian Library Association) in recognition of the Augustana Library’s multi-faceted Information Literacy program. An acceptance speech, created in the same lighthearted approach as the video, can be viewed here: 

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Full version (30 minutes)

  • The full video, as provided in DVD format, sold or provided by InterLibrary Loan (see above).                

Individual chapters                

  • Introduction: Augustana's Dean, Dr. Roger Epp, discusses the value and meaning of the program within the context of a liberal arts and sciences setting, where it contributes to the ‘quality of experience.’ A light-hearted endorsement by Martin Luther serves as a reminder of Augustana’s Lutheran roots.                 
  • In the Beginning: This chapter discusses the purpose and benefit of teaching discipline-specific information-gathering skills. Topics include: the immediate practical  application and impact of these skills, transferability of acquired knowledge, and credit in student's major discipline.                
  • Student Impact: This chapter features commentaries on the IL program by students who have taken it in their disciplines. Students credit the program with a marked improvement in their approaches toward research, as well as greater knowledge of and ability to evaluate resources, and higher overall work quality.               
  • Faculty Matters: This chapter discusses the understanding of information literacy as a collaboration between faculty, students, and librarians. Also presented is recognition of the increasing role of librarian as teacher.
  • Assessment: This chapter identifies the assessment methods employed to monitor the quality of the IL Program. These include surveys of current and graduated students, and pre and post course testing which measure student skill levels and development. Results are entered into WASSAIL, a database used for analysis.                
  • IL Workshop: This chapter highlights the Annual Augustana Information Literacy Workshop. The workshop was developed as a learning forum featuring high profile librarians from across North America who are deeply involved in Information Literacy work. Also included are participants' and speakers' reflections, which recognize the value of entertaining challenging questions and innovative perspectives on an annual basis.            
  • IL Awards: This chapter introduces Augustana's two Information Literacy Awards: the Teaching Faculty Award for the Support of Information Literacy and the Student Award for Library Research.                                        
  • Final Thoughts: This chapter presents some closing perspectives on the value of the Information Literacy program, including, from one student: "It changed the way I do research - period."     
  • Credits: Accompanied by the 'Information Literacy Choir'!
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Condensed version (10 minutes)                            

  • Includes: advantages of the program; information literacy as a collaboration between faculty, students and  librarians; assessment of the program by students, and closing perspectives. Also presented are Information Literacy program initiatives, including: pre/post course testing, WASSAIL (assessment database), student surveys, and annual Information Literacy Workshops. A good resource to screen for faculty and administrators in 10 minutes instead of 30.          


  • This segment provides a brief account of the content and purpose of the DVD in promoting Information Literacy at Augustana.