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East Asian Studies


I am considering deleting this page in early 2015 because the links are too difficult to maintain. Please let me know if it is useful and/or how to make it more useful.

Japanese journals

For full information on a journal or related resources, please click the romanized title.

Early Japanese Periodicals
(Kokka sakuin
N 8 K79
N 8 K791 K63 2003)
Current Japanese Periodicals
Gengo 言語 P 9 G34
Gengo kenkyu 言語研究 P 9 G32
Kokugo kokubun 国語国文 PL 501 K88
Kokugo to kokubungaku 国語と国文学 PL 501 K86
Nihongo no kenkyu 日本語の研究 PL 501 K822
Nihongogaku 日本語学 PL 501 N65
Bungaku 文学 PL 700 B943
Bungakukai 文学界 PL 726.65 B93
Bungei shunju 文芸春秋 PL 701 B94
Gunzo 群像 PL 770 A1 G97
Kokubungaku : kaishaku to kansho 国文学―解釈と鑑賞 PL 700 K82
Kokubungaku : kaishaku to kyozai no kenkyu 国文学―解釈と教材の研究 PL 700 K79
Shincho 新潮 PL 700 S55
Culture, History, Social Sciences
Chuo koron 中央公論 AP 95 J2 C55
Fureiza ふれいざー Shelved by title
Kikan shodo janaru 季刊書道ジャーナル NK 3637 A2 K52
Nihon rekishi 日本歴史 DS 801 N69
Shigaku zasshi 史学雑誌 DS 801 S55
Shokun! 諸君! AP 95 J2 S32
Toyogaku bunken ruimoku 東洋学文献類目 DS 4 Z9 T75