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History-specific Articles

Historic / Primary Sources

Saturday Night magazine (Toronto Saturday Night). Probably Canada's longest running general interest magazine (1887-2005). 

Audio-Visual Sources

Browse the Rutherford Shelves

To browse the library stacks / shelves for Canadian History, go the the FC section of call numbers (e.g. 4th floor of Rutherford HSS). The full classification link is below but some examples are:

  • General Sources:  FC 1 - 4200
  • Natural History:      FC 3695
  • Alberta History:      FC 3661
  • Multiculturism Canada:  FC 104
  • Canada Politics and Government: FC 75

Books and Bibliographies

When looking for books on Canadian History, search the Library Catalogue by subject or keyword.

Examples of subject headings for Canadian History: (See also the names of provinces or regions with the subheading History, i.e. Alberta - History, Prairie Provinces - History or the names of specific events, i.e. Riel Rebellion, 1885)