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Step 5: Write Your Paper

It is finally time to write your paper! 

For a good literature review, you should provide a general overview of the significant literature and highlight important papers and key concepts. Don't shy away from addressing critiques and gaps in the existing literature. 

Common elements of a good literature review write-up include: 

  • Describing and summarizing selected articles and contextualizing them for your specific research question 
  • Compare and contrast papers, theories and arguments 
  • Critically evaluate and analyze papers. Think about relationships between publications. Determine if findings are sound and based on appropriate available evidence. Think about who is writing or providing the evidence? When was it written? What are the author's motivations for writing? 

Your literature review should be organized using a basic structure and can include both headings and subheadings. The basic format for most literature review should follow: 

  • Introduction 
  • Concept A
  • Concept B
  • Concept C
  • Conclusion

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APA Style Citation

Don't forget to cite your sources as you write using a standard citation style, such as APA.