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Religious Studies

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Background & Reference

Reference Work Terms

  • encyclopedia(s); encyclopaedia
  • dictionary; dictionaries
  • companion
  • handbook
  • introduction
  • guide



For other periodicals, use "search the library" --> advanced --> subject field. E.g. 

Subject Terms / Keywords

Use in basic search or "subject" field search (usually in advanced search).

Some key ones:

  • Buddhism
  • Buddhist
  • Buddha
  • Zen Buddhism

  • "religious aspects"
  • "study and teaching"
  • ritual; rituals; liturgy; worship
  • doctrines
  • "customs and practices"

  • Buddhism China
  • Buddhism India

For example:

buddhism AND "study and teaching"

TIP: keep track of useful subject terms for future searching.

Call Numbers. Shelf Browsing.

Explore the shelves physically and "virtually" (through call number searching).

  • BQ  Buddhism

Further breakdowns here (click on B section):

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