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Modern Languages and Cultural Studies (MLCS)

Slavic Studies Databases

News: The contents of the Slavic Humanities Index are now included in EBSCO Discovery.

Other Library Catalogues / National Bibliographies

Primary Sources

Language Dictionaries

Find dictionaries on the shelf in these call number ranges, Rutherford Library North 5th floor: 

  • Russian: PG 2640 
  • Ukrainian: PG 3891
  • Polish: PG 6640

Ask for help to find a dictionary.

Cyrillic Scripts & Transliteration

Cyrillic scripts are transliterated in the library's catalogue using the ALA-LC Romanization Tables.
This is a North American standard.

Many academic sources use the International Standard.
ISO Standards for Writing and Translation:
- OA Access in Wikipedia
- Check ISO Standards Database for most current versions

Eesti Keele Instituut provides tables listing multiple transliteration systems
- scroll down to find the table for your language transliterates for you using the International system of transliteration transliterates for you. Offers 3 transliteration systems, including ALA-LC (select using drop-down menu) 

Descriptions in OCLC WorldCat can be either ALA-LC or ISO, because WorldCat includes library catalogue records from all over the world.