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Equity, Diversity, & Inclusivity: Library Resources

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Starting your search can seem daunting, but we can help you break things down into steps.

  • Check out our Foundational Tutorials (available in English et en Français!). They're short, informative, and are the best place to start!
  • If you have more specific questions, just Ask Us! Our library staff are more than happy to help you out

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Subject Headings

  • Minority Business Enterprises
  • Indigenous Business Enterprises
  • Indian business enterprises
  • Inuit business enterprises
  • Native business enterprises
  • Aboriginal business enterprises
  • Women-owned business enterprises
  • Businesswomen
  • African American business enterprises
  • African American businesspeople

Keywords for searching

  • divers* OR gender* OR BIPOC OR black OR indigen* OR aborigin* OR accessib*
  • entrepreneur* OR "start up" OR "new venture" OR innovat*