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APA Citation Style (7th Edition)

General Format

General format for citing case studies:
Author(s). (Year). Title of case study. Number of case study. URL.
Harvard Business School Case Study
Smith, S. (2003). Leadership. HBS No. 7-806-122.
Ivey Business School Case Study

Heisz, M., & Leech, L. (2005). Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002: Understanding the requirements and the Canadian response. Ivey ID: 9B05B009.

Textbook Case Study
Author(s) or editor(s) of the chapter or entry or case study. (Year of book). Title of chapter or entry or case study. In First initial. Last name, & First initial. Last name (Eds.), Title of book (pp. xx-xx). Publisher.
Pederson, S. (2008). The XYZ Group. In J. Ness, Cases in digital processing (pp.11-20). CDMA Publishing.

When do I use a retrieval date?

An online retrieval date is only required for an unarchived source that is likely to change, such as a Twitter profile or Facebook page, or a webpage with no date. 

(See section 9.16 of the APA Publication Manual, 7th ed.)